“Down at the Dump”

The story “Down at the Dump” is a tale about two different types of people in the community. One that does not have all the fancy material things in life, yet they have this feeling of contentment that made them leave their lives peaceful and happy.  They may not have the wealth and degrees to boast, but they are appreciative of what they have. They are very much proud of their simple and laid-back way of living. On the other hand, there is this other type of people in the community who are well off and more educated, yet they seem to be living in a bubble of dream pretending to be perfect people free from any flaws of immoral conduct. They are very conscious of how they would be perceived by the people in their community. These people are consumed by the thought that they must protect their reputation against the judgemental eyes of society. They are hiding their true character and nature by pretending to be happy and nice to everyone in their community. Meg and Lummy also show a different character with the adults in the story. They represent the bold and daring character of the young generation. They are more accepting and less judgemental. This shows how the nature of human beings changes depending on the generation and their influences.

    Patrick White viewed human nature in this story as a complex character of human beings. Every individual has a distinct character and sensuality which could vary depending on the influences that surround them. These influences could be from the environment that they had been living, traditional family beliefs that they had been practicing and their personal experiences. These aspects play a big role in creating a distinct character or individuality of a human being.

Image taken from: Flickr.com; Quote by Anon(veganposter.com)

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