John Glover: “Patterdale Farm”

       Patterdale Farm was a painting that depicted an Australian farm landscape in Tasmania way back in the early 18th century. Looking at the painting we could perceive what John Glover wanted us to see and experience through the picture.

        The vast and green surroundings provided a calm and relaxing feeling, ideal for an afternoon rest after a long day of hard work. The late afternoon sunlight gives a fair low temperature perfectly blended for anyone to enjoy such a peaceful and cosy atmosphere. This portrait must have been painted in spring time. All the grasses are green, and the leaves of the trees are alive and in full bloom. The cattle seemed to be in their best place enjoying a favourable time under the sun.

Upon looking closer at the painting, we see a gentleman wearing a nice blue tailcoat sitting down under the tree looking up at the mountain with a dog beside him. He didn’t look like a herdsman to me. He looked more like a speculator scouting for a perfect place to be utilized and be made profitable. He looked lonely as he only had a dog for a companion.

        This was a very detailed painting recreating the beautiful, vast and raw Australian landscape. Perhaps this was what the early colonial people wanted to show to the people in England so they would be encouraged to move and live in Australia.

One thought on “John Glover: “Patterdale Farm”

  1. Honeylene, this is a beautiful description of an important early Australian painting. Well done! You capture the atmosphere so well….
    Yes there is a little editing that is needed (and some workshop follow-ups- see Purdue Owl for help:
    Please make these small changes to your blog…

    * leaves of the tress = typo= trees [ Spelling: check spelling of all your work before submitting. And make sure your spell-checker has not changed your word to something you didn’t want!]
    *The cattle’s seemed to be in their best place e= The cattle seemed to be in their best place – [cattle is already plural so it doesn’t need an “s” and definitely does not need an ‘s or s’ SEE – Apostrophe- if there is a meaning of ownership ( the boy’s apple/ the boys’ apples) then you need an apostrophe. See But don’t use apostrophe s for normal plurals!!! ]
    *looking up the mountain= looking up AT the mountain

    *so they will be encouraged to move and live in Australia.= so they WOULD be encouraged to move and live in Australia.

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